You can stay at a temple!

A special room is "You can stay at a temple!" in our room.

There is distance from Hiroshima station, but the place where I have a room becomes close to Miyajima.

The room in the local landscape of Hiroshima.

And there is a nice bathroom in this room.


Fatigue of your travel is also the Japanese bathroom you heal.

Please enjoy a Japanese stay different from other ones at the building built as a temple!

There is also a parking lot for 1. If you hope, BBQ is also possible (You contact me beforehand, and it's limited to a guest.)

It can correspond from at least 3 people to at most 8 people.

                          ※<-A left picture is "              Itsukushima-jinja" in Miyajima.


Guidance to the room.pdf
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Receiving method of a key
Receiving method of a key.pdf
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