"Room 801 of HIRATAYA apartment"


👈👈 The left picture is the outward appearance of the apartment where I have a room.


It's in the distance at which even walking can arrive from Hiroshima station, so I think you can arrive happily even while taking a walk (The required time is about 20 minutes from 15 minutes.)

The street car station is right in front of the apartment, so it's also convenient to use it.


(When I take it and get off at the station in Danbara 1-chome for track 5 for a street car and Ujina from Hiroshima station, it's good exactly.)

Guidance to a room in Kanaya-cho

An orange button is a button of the download.(There is a file of a receiving method of a key in the end.)

Route from Hiroshima station to the room
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Receiving method of a key.pdf
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A room close from Hiroshima station

Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken, 日本
It's about 15 minutes on foot from Hiroshima station. I also have 2 rooms, so I'm prepared from 4 people to 6 people. The room which is also recommended to long stay.Use by a short term is also all...